About Us


3H Humans Horses and Herds was co-founded by Dr. Julia M. Kennedy. After a slow start and the resignation of her co-founder, Julia and her husband Michael forged ahead with tenacity, determination and a new board in place, 

 3H had been in the works for a long time.  Dr. Kennedy has done Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for about 15 years, just about as long as she has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  In 2014 she realized she could no longer continue full time in her chosen profession as a Clinical Psychologist.  Memory problems and fatigue plagued  her.

Julia knew that she could continue to help people and horses with a Board in place to oversee details and financial matters. It turns out that while frustrating, MS has been a blessing to her. It allowed her to pursue a dream that she would otherwise not have had time for.

Pairing rescued horses with humans who can benefit from the interaction often yields miraculous results. Julia is committed to doing it as long as she can and to create a solid organization that can someday be turned over to young enthusiastic, energetic, passionate horse advocates.